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One star Declination Drift Method
for DSLR/CCD Photography


Traditional Two Star Declination
Drift Method for astrophotography


Basic Planetary Image Processing
with Registax


Registax Version 6
Center of Gravity Quickstart


WinJUPOS planetary de-rotation


WinJUPOS planetary projection
and user guide


How to remove stars from an image
using Photoshop CS3.


How to use a high-pass filter, layer mask
in Photoshop CS3 for astrophotography.


How to pre-process an image and perform
color balance using Deep Sky Stacker


How to Improve Vignetting/Light Pollution
in Images Using Photoshop CS3


F/6.3 Focal Reducer
Distance to Sensor


Build your own Illuminated
Flatfield Panel Box


Celestron CG-5 Worm Gear Adjustment


Celestron CG-5 Cable Connections



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